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We help grow your business through online marketing and providing a video service to beat the competition!

Lets make your local business the hit around town with a video ad that lets them know who you are and what you do!


Marketing Consultant

Many businesses are doing good for themselves, but do not realize how much more they can grow through online marketing.

In Today's day and age, "commercials" are more easy for ANY business to get make and get out to their audience.

Commercials are NO LONGER only for the big TV Ads.

Places like Social Media allow you to customize your audience and send them a HIGHLY TARGETED commercial! Its literally 100x better than any commercial you could run on TV!


First lets jump on a call and see where you marketing strategies are currently deployed. I will give you guidance on what I would do marketing wise!


Finding your ideal "avatar". No not one of those blue goes, but defining your audience into who you want to attract to your business.


Long Term Branding and sourcing new leads is our favorite way of growing businesses. Let create your first commercial today and start growing your business!







I have worked with Dave for over 3 years. His recruitment marketing works amazing for us as we have grown from 20-225 agents the past 2 years. We also utilize his lead system with our Listings. Our sellers love the additional marketing and we love the buyer leads.



Levi Rodgers,

The Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group

Dave helped us recruit the additional drivers and mechanics we needed for our business at Paleo Car Care. We actually researched extensively different head-hunting companies, but saw when Dave was half the price, we said yes. We hired our driver the next week!




Paleo Car Car

With The Recent Real Estate market being extremely difficult to navigate the past 9 months. I decided I needed a plan. Dave and I put a marketing plan together to make me the "Mayor" of our city via Real Estate videos....things have been absolutely amazing since putting this in place! Thanks Dave



Victor Tirado,

The Tirado Group

I was just a saw local baker looking to grow my business...Now I have to take this job a little more serious because my baking orders are coming in at an exponential amount!

I have never been so busy in my past 3 years of business.

This was the best decision I've made!



Elizabeth Anne

Done For You Marketing

When you hire us, you are basically spending the same amount on a minimum way employee, however we will produce marketing results like a six figure earner!


What Dave Offers:

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